Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Massachusetts Politics: The Red Sox Syndrome

I've come to the conclusion that being a republican (or more actually since I am unenrolled a republican supporter) is much like it used to be being a Red Sox fan. You remember all those years we would come so close, '67, 75, 86 and didn't make it?

But what happened? Eventually we won. and this is what I think will happen with the republicans and independents in Massachusetts. Eventually we will win.

So what do yesterday's Massachusetts results mean? Well first I probably should not predict winners and losers, although I was right on one, I did say I thought McGovern would win in the third district. But other than that, all my picks lost. But I also predicted something else, I said if there was a large turnout, it would mean one of two things, first either a lot of republicans and independents would come out to vote because of the Scott Brown effect. And then I said if there was a high turnout and there were a lot of democrats it was because of the Scott Brown effect and the democrats wouldn't let it happen again.

Some people are going to get discouraged with the results. There are alot of people who worked extremely hard to get their candidates elected and it is disappointing and disheartening. I can understand that. But what we and they have done is educated many people that there is an alternative to what is out there. We have pointed out the flaws of the progressive agenda and most importantly we have laid the groundwork for the next wave.

The work is just beginning, we can't give up. It is simple at that. We have gone along way in this country and yes, I believe even in this state, to bring our country back. To the chagrin of many we won''t be going away, if anything, I know I am more energized than before.

And lastly for those of you who think your vote doesn't count, look up the results in the Worcester sixth district house race. The winner one by two votes.

Update:  As of November 4, Durant was ahead by four votes. A recount is scheduled in Southbridge, the biggest town in the district on November 18th.


  1. It really does get discouraging to see some of these people win, year after year. I am a winter resident in Florida so I was able to be swept up in the excitement of the Marco Rubio win even though I am a Massachusetts voter. I truly hope that some of the young people who I know worked so very hard on Charlie Baker's election and Sean Beilat's race will one day, sooner than later, feel the elation you feel when 'your choice' WINS!

  2. Inky, love the name and thanks for reading my blog. This is the first year I ever felt I like I might actually make a difference. For too long I have always felt like I was voting for the least of the worst, like in 2008 when I voted for McCain.
    But today, while let down, I feel good, I think we will continue to make a difference.

  3. Finally got a picture up I see. I admire your involvement in your local politics and who knows... I think that you would make a sensible state representative or a US Congressman.

    Agreeing/Not Agreeing with you has nothing to to on you fitness or ability. You have both. Think about it...

  4. Actually Mark, I have thought about it but after having been involved in Wesley's campaign I decided I like sitting on the sideline "kibitzing"

  5. 6th District...up by 4 votes now. I knew this one would be close, I didn't realize it would be this close though! vote really did make a difference!

  6. Monique, I thought it would be close but not this close. I think it's a testament to both candidates that they could get people out there.


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